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The guys hear from WFUV's Mack Rosenberg on the Yankees, plus talk about Ike Davis and the possibility of the Cardinals falling out of the 2nd NL Wild Card spot.

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Kenny and Kris check in with WFUV's Alex Smith to talk Yankees, review the Mets' sweep of the Marlins, and make their AL WIld Card picks.

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Kenny and Kris talk to Mack Rosenberg about Ichiro's big night and the upcoming series against the A's, and debate whether the Brewers or Dodgers will take the NL Wild Card.

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The guys take calls on the Yankees, who've won two series in a row, and hear from WFUV Yankees Beat Reporter Alex Smith on how the team's looking heading into a series against Toronto. They also check in on the Mets and discuss the A's and Angels' chances in the Wild Card in a heated debate.

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Kenny and Kris discuss the Yankees' win over the Red Sox with WFUV's Mack Rosenberg, as well as look at the possible role of 'spoiler' for the Mets, and touch on the NL Wild Card.

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Kenny and Kris break down the Yankees' split with the Orioles, Mets fans cheering Chipper Jones in his final game at Citi Field, and briefly give their picks for the AL Wild Card, which they'll go more in-depth with on Thursday.

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Kenny and Kris recap the Yankees' series with Tampa Bay, and look ahead to their series with Baltimore with the AL East at stake. They also talk NL Wild Card, and whether or not the Dodgers offense is playoff-caliber.

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Kenny and Kris debate whether the return of Alex Rodriguez can help the Yankees right the ship. The guys cover improved play from the team in Queens and breakdown the keys to the Chicago- Detroit race.


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