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 David Spampinato, Raffaele Elia, and Dom Capone discuss the MLB Draft and the publicity growth of the event. They also give their thoughts on Jake Arrieta's comments on defensive shifts and how they're implemented. They wrap up discussing who's a pretender and who' a contender in Major League Baseball. 

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Chris Calamari and Emmanuel Berbari talk pitching this week's edition of On Deck, discussing Yankees pitching needs, Mets pitching inconsistency, and whether or not there's logic to "bullpenning" and the recent conversation of starting relief pitchers. 


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Billy Reinhardt, Joey Dayon, and Emmanuel Berbari discuss the Yankees recent surge toward the top of the AL East and their roster overload with the call-up of Clint Frazier. Also, the Mets 180, as they now sit in 4th in the NL East and Matt Harvey's departure from New York. They finish off discussing Robinson Cano getting suspended for a masking agent of PED's. 

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Chris Calamari, Jackson Heil, and Emmanuel Berbari discuss the hot start of superstars Mike Trout and Manny Machado, as well as Shohei Ohtani's up and down, but dynamic first month in the Big Leagues. As well as Didi Gregorius' hot start and the Yankees starting to heat up.

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David Spampinato, Devin Clementi, and Emmanuel Berbari discuss the Mets hot start. Will this last? Is this team for real? They give their takes on the Yankees recent struggles and how the rotation will hold up and whether or not Giancarlo Stanton's struggles will continue. They finish up discussing Shohei Otani's first bump in the road against the red hot Boston Red Sox. 

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It's a special Hall of Fame edition of On Deck! With this year's Hall of Fame class being announced this week, David Spampinato, Chris Calamari, and Tom Scibelli debated who they would put in Cooperstown. 

Do the PED guys deserve to be in? Does Fred McGriff finally get in? Larry Walker? The guys debate all that and more. 

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