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Kenny Ducey reacts to the Mets domination of the Subway Series, and brings in WFUV Yankees and Mets Beat Reporters Nolan Silbernagel and Julian Atienza to figure out what this series means for both clubs. Plus George Brett, Ryan Zimmerman, and more!

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Kenny Ducey and Jake Kring-Schreifels preview the upcoming series, recap the Mets' big win Sunday night against the Braves, and address the state of the Indians' bullpen after Chris Perez's injury.

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Kenny Ducey and Eric Mollo react to Mike Trout's first career cycle, talk about the craziest story of the year thus far in Evan Gattis, and wonder who's the best young pitcher out there in a jam-packed episode.

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Kenny Ducey wonders why the Nationals would keep such a struggling second-baseman in the lineup, and recaps the week for the Yankees and Mets. He also catches you up on the latest stories in baseball, including the re-birth of the #Windians

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Kenny Ducey and Kris Venezia discuss the Yankees' success and Jordany Valdespin's big hit Wednesday, plus debate who was right in the David Price-Tim Hallion showdown and wonder what baseball would be like without Wrigley.

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Kenny Ducey and Kris Venezia talk about the big weekend around the major leagues including big series wins against divisional foes for the Yankees and Mets.  Plus, WFUV Mets beat reporter Julian Atienza joins the guys to talk about the Harvey-Strasburg showdown and what to expect from the Amazins going forward.

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Kenny Ducey and Kris Venezia discuss Derek Jeter's setback and how the Bombers will adjust to life without their captain. Plus, Bryce Harper's eventful week and Jose Bautista's back injury.

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Kenny Ducey and Kris Venezia wrap up the Yankees' and Mets' weekend series wins, including sparking performances from Hiroki Kuroda and Matt Harvey. They also go out west where they discuss the recent brawl between the Dodgers and Padres, and the first Home Run of the season for Josh Hamilton.

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Kenny Ducey and Kris Venezia discuss the recent power surge with the New York Yankees, and if it can sustain this level of success. They also touch on the Mets interest in Giancarlo Stanton and Carlos Gonzalez, and Aaron Harang's new home.

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Kenny Ducey and Kris Venezia review all of the weekend's action including struggling aces, a dazzling performance by C.C. Sabathia, and Freddie Freeman's injury, and look forward to another exciting week of action around the league.

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