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Kenny and Kris recap a one-sided NLCS Game 7 and look ahead to the first few games of the World Series.

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Kenny and Kris discuss the Yankees' recent offensive struggles and look ahead to the rest of the ALCS. They also touch on the NLCS and predict the winner of Cardinals-Giants.

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Kenny and Kris recap a wild night in baseball, and look at the upcoming Game 4's and 5's around the bigs. There's just one question left to ask - Can you Bernie Lean?

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Kenny and Kris discuss the opening of the Division Series and make their picks for the American League.

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Kenny and Kris recap a thrilling last day of the Regular Season, plus make their NL Playoff Predictions, talk about Miguel Cabrera, and discuss RA Dickey's season.

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The guys discuss the Yankees, Orioles, and Rangers' playoff berths, as well as the upcoming Yankees-Red Sox series. They also examine whether or not the Mets should bring back David Wright.

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The guys hear from WFUV's Mack Rosenberg on the Yankees, plus talk about Ike Davis and the possibility of the Cardinals falling out of the 2nd NL Wild Card spot.

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Kenny and Kris check in with WFUV's Alex Smith to talk Yankees, review the Mets' sweep of the Marlins, and make their AL WIld Card picks.

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Kenny and Kris talk to Mack Rosenberg about Ichiro's big night and the upcoming series against the A's, and debate whether the Brewers or Dodgers will take the NL Wild Card.

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The guys take calls on the Yankees, who've won two series in a row, and hear from WFUV Yankees Beat Reporter Alex Smith on how the team's looking heading into a series against Toronto. They also check in on the Mets and discuss the A's and Angels' chances in the Wild Card in a heated debate.

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